The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do i file a dispute or cancellation?

To file a dispute case or a cancellation you must do the following...

Click the Cancel/Dispute tab situated in the middle menu on the left hand side of the screen. You will be taken to a page where you can choose which project you want to open up a case with. Select the desired project and press Submit.

The following page will ask you to input some information to help us speed up your dispute. The options are described as follows:-

Case Type: Please select wether your filing a dispute or a project cancellation.

Case Reason: Please select from the menu which option best suits your reason.

Problem Description: Please insert here the detailed reason for your dispute/cancellation. This will be visable to everyone on Bidlance International.

Comments: This section is for any private comments you would like to share with our staff. Only Bidlance International staff will be able to see these comments. Review: Please select if you would like your review of the Provider/Buyer removed.

payment want from others: this option is to be used if one of the following occurs...

Provider: You have completed the project and received no money for your effort, please enter in the box how much you are owed.

Buyer: You have sent payment to a provider but not received any work and would like a refund.

Important: We will do our best to help you get a refund for the above option, although Bidlance International cannot refund this money personally, neither can we take it from another persons account without acceptance from both parties. All upfront payments are sent at own risk. We reccommend using our escrow service to avoid any such issues.

Once all fields are filled in, simply click the Submit button and your case will be sent to our admin. Please allow upto 5 days for a reply.