The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate?

Affiliate help

An affiliate is someone who is capable of earning money from promoting our websi...

Is there any maximum ammount i can earn as an affiliate?

Affiliate help

No, there is no limit to the ammount of money you can make from your refferals. ...

When can i withdraw my affiliate earnings?

Affiliate help

All payments at Bidlance International are done manually. Affiliate payments are...

What is a Featured Member, and what are the benefits?


Becoming a featured buyer will allow you to get at least a 50% discount on all o...

What are the deposit % fees?

Payment Services

These are fees charged by our banking system to carry out transactions. All fees...

What is the difference between a Project & a Job Listing?

Projects & Job Listings

A project id for the hire of a provider to carry out a single project. If you ar...

Why do i not need to bid on a Job Listing?

Projects & Job Listings

You dont need to bid on job listings because all contact info is given in the pr...

General withdrawel information.

Payment Services

We deal with all withdrawels manually so please be patient while we deal with yo...