The Most Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my account login info and cant get into my account.

Help Centre

I you cant login then please use our Forgot Password form. Your username and pas...

How many projects can i bid on?


Unlike some other freelance websites we do not place a limit on how many project...

How do i become a Featured Member?


To become a Featured Member you must meet the following criteria:-

1.You ...

What is a Featured member, and what are the benefits?


A Featured Member is a provider who pays a monthly fee to gain extra benefits...

What is a Featured Project?


Featured projects are a great way to get more people to see and bid on your proj...

What is an Urgent Project?


If you need a project completing quickly then using the Urgent projects feature ...

What is the Image tag next to some providers names?


If you see this tag next to a providers name, you will instantly know they are a...

What is the Featured Member Showcase?


All our Featured Members will get a chance to display an extended version of the...

What are the costs of becoming a Featured Member?


To find out how much it will cost to become a Bidlance International certified m...

How do i become an affiliate?

Affiliate help

When you join up to Bidlance International you automatically get placed into our...