The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do i sign up to Bidlance International?

General Questions

To sign up for an account please goto the Homepage of the website and click the ...

Im using Escrow but who is holding the money?

Payment Services

From using escrow your money is paid into one of our banking systems. The main h...

Is there a fee for using Escrow?

Payment Services

No. The escrow service provided by us is free of charge. However, Unfortunately ...

Whats the benefit of using Escrow?

Payment Services

The benefits of using Escrow are as follows :-


Using Escr...

What is Escrow and how do i use it?

Payment Services

Escrow is a safe payment service that we offer here at Projectjobz. By using thi...

Should i pay a provider upfront?


We do not reccomend that you pay for any projects upfront.

If you are conside...

Why has my account been suspended/banned?


If you find yourself in the situation that your account has been frozen then ple...

If a project gets cancelled do i get a refund?


If a project you are working on gets cancelled within the 30 day period, then...

I dont like someones bid, can i remove it from my project?


If someone has made a bid on your project and you would like it removed for any ...

The login menu has dissapeared?

Help Centre

If you are unable to login because the main login menu has dissapeared then plea...